RCIC Immigration Support (10 hours)

$1,500.00 $1,000.00 (plus tax)

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Do you need ongoing support as a new RCIC? Let us help you!

Our team went through exactly what you are going through and, as always, we are here to support you with as much immigration advice as you need!

With this package, you will receive 10 hours of immigration advice at a special rate from one of our specialists. We have 3 RCICs with more than 5 years of experience and each one specializes in different areas of immigration, so we are sure that we will be able to suit your needs perfectly.

How does it work?

A lot of people prefer to organize a monthly meeting to get advice on their several ongoing cases while others prefer to get in touch when they are ready to submit their first applications and want to have an experienced RCIC reviewing them to make sure there are no errors that can cause a damage to their clients.

Sometimes there are tricky little areas you may have missed, so it is always great to get a second opinion so that you can be sure that you can help your clients reach their goals.