Welcome to your newest ICCRC Exam Prep lesson on the Parents and Grandparents Family Sponsorship Program!

Estimated study time: 3 hours

Important PGP links:

Guide 5772 – Application to Sponsor Parents and Grandparents


CIC/IRCC Help Centre – Sponsoring a parent or grandparent


Determine your eligibility – Sponsor your parents and grandparents


Apply to sponsor a parent or grandparent


Family sponsorship


Sponsor your parents and grandparents


Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship Application


OP2 Processing Members of the Family Class


IP2 Processing Applications to Sponsor Members of the Family Class


IRPA/R R4 R117 R130 R133 

Understanding LICO





PGP PR Sponsorship in the news:

Is the Parent/Grandparent PR program perfect? No. Is it still the only PR program in the world to allow sponsorship for these people? Yes!

From the National Post: ‘Parent sponsorship program still deeply flawed despite changes, immigration lawyers warn’



For many of your future clients, being able to sponsor parents and grandparents is an amazing opportunity, though certainly not an easy task to accomplish.

From Lexology: ‘Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship Program Re-Opened for 2018’



Taking care of parents is always important. When people hire RCICs to help their parents or grandparents immigrate, they are making sure that the application is handled by professionals who will be able to make sure that it is the strongest application possible.

From the South China Morning Post: ‘Sponsored parents and grandparents wait an average of more than six years for the processing of immigration applications’



Important Cases:

Epstein v. Canada is an excellent case to read in order to understand the Humanitarian and Compassionate reasons why a grandmother might be eligible to stay in Canada while awaiting the results of her permanent residency application as a member of the Family Class.