As you know, a major step in passing the ICCRC Full Skills Exam is to incorporate all of your immigration knowledge into an exam situation.

By working through our lessons, you will be on the road to accomplishing exactly this!

For these free lessons, you can either go in any order you choose (at any time) or join our 10-Day Challenge below.

Are you a bit overwhelmed as to where to begin your ICCRC Full Skills Exam Studies?

We know what that feels like as 3 of our staff members took the exam themselves in order to become RCICs!


These free lessons are available all year long, so whenever you have free time to work your way through them, you have your plan waiting for you!

The Family Class forms the cornerstone of your ICCRC Full Skills Exam studies. By working through this series of lessons, you will be on your way to tackling the Full Skills Exam and becoming an RCIC!

Start with our lesson on Residency Requirements and then work your way through the other 60+ hours!

The economic immigration streams play a large role on your upcoming exam, so if you are willing to invest 10 days, you can cross off about 30% of what you need to know!

In these 10 days, you will have 2 ‘rest days’ and be sure to set aside 3 hours for each lesson.


After this, you can work your way through our lessons on CitizenshipSafe Third Country Agreement, ICCRC, and PNPs