Once you pass the ICCRC Full Skills Exam and become an RCIC, you will be involved in a lifetime of learning because it is your duty to keep up with all of the immigration changes and to also specialize in the area of immigration law that you are interested in.

For this, you’ll be happy to note that we are an ICCRC-approved CPD course provider! 

Our CPD events are similar to our Free Lessons that will help you pass the ICCRC Full Skills Exam where we will go through the most important immigration topics as they relate to you and your clients.

The difference between the two lesson types is that, while our ICCRC Full Skills Exam Prep Lessons are more focused on the academic aspects of Canadian immigration law, our CPD courses are more focused on the practical side of immigration as they relate to you as a new RCIC.

Why do we offer such a wide variety of events? The answer is simple: We want you to learn as much as possible!

Here is a list of the upcoming live webinars. You can join us live and/or watch the video of the event at your leisure.


2019 Live Webinar/Video Bundle #1

Monday, June 24 @ 11:00: Caregivers: New and Current Paths to PR – 2.5 CPD Hours

Tuesday, June 25 @ 11:00: Representing Students Session 1 and 2 – 6.5 CPD Hours

Wednesday, June 26 @ 11:00: Representing Students Session 3 – 5 CPD hours

Thursday, June 27 @ 11:00: Language Exams and Immigration – 2 CPD Hours


2019 Live Webinar/Video Bundle #2 will be announced soon and will contain an additional 16 hours of lessons, so stay tuned!

***For CPD courses inquiries please send an email to info@rciccpd.ca. All Full Skills Exam Prep clients receive a discount on our CPD courses. Simply send us an email to info@rciccpd.ca for your discount code.